New Year, New Me with Orchids and Peonies

New Year, New Me with Orchids and Peonies

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, I have never really been one to stick to them. I have always found them to a be a bit of an excuse to delay actions. I feel that that when one really wants to seek change, they should action it straight away. However, right at the end of 2017, something a little scary happened – my mother had a little medical incident. On the evening on the 30th December I found myself at the back of the ambulance with my beloved mother on the way to the closest emergency department. On what seemed like the longest ride ever, I found myself thinking about my parent’s morality and thinking about those ‘moments’ with my mum. It was like all those moments we shared were running like a montage through my brain.

My mother is thankfully okay – however, that little scare made me reassess things happening in my life. With the new year fast approaching, I decided to make some conscious improvements whilst this confronting eye-opener was still fresh in mind. Seeing my mum so helpless in the ambulance made me think about every moment in my life in which I was horrible, ungrateful or impatient with her. It made me think of all those times I chose to hang out with my friends instead of her – including the week just past. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and started to question my actions, something had to change.

I think for 2018, my biggest focus will be the time I give to my loved ones. I always seem to have time for work or for a little bit of an indulgence but looking back I sometimes make a fuss with making time for my dad, my mum or my siblings. I feel that this needs to change and I need to be better with making time for those who are true and dear to me – like my family, my husband and those friends who would move mountains for me. Giving these amazing people more of my time allows for more cherished moments, more laughter and of course more moments together. If anything were to happen, I know that I gave the people I care for deeply the most precious gift I could possibly give to anyone – sharing more of myself and my love for them. The best way to do this is with time.