New Year, New Me with And The Color Green

New Year, New Me with And The Color Green

It all started because of one picture on Instagram by the interior designer, Nichol Naranjo (@nicholnaranjo).  Before I begin this article, one thing you should know about me is that I love a good creative project (see my Instagram or YouTube channel!).  This picture was an ideal stimulus for my inner artist/DIY spirit, as it had moody lighting and modern design mixed with earthy elements.

I begin looking around my kitchen/living area and wondering if I could ever achieve something similar in our rented cottage.  Fast forward two months, the living space update is in full swing.  I have repainted all the kitchen cabinets, started painting the walls of the entire house, and have been working on my indoor plant collection.  I could tell you all the details of sanding, how I chose a cabinet paint, or what plants I bought, but all of that isn’t very interesting.

Instead, let me tell you about my Dad.  One day I was talking to him about how I planned to take on this update project.  His response was, “Why do you want to do all of that?”  I know he meant, ‘why do I want to start a huge project like that when I have a million other things going on,’ however, I took it a little more seriously.  Why did I want to take on what may be a never-ending project?

After some reflection, I decided it was an act of self-care. We moved into our place 5 years ago. In that time, we have had two kids, and a lot of life. We had an interior design theme when we first moved in, but over time (and the kids), the couch got replaced and rugs got donated.  Which brings us to present day, where our home looks pretty similar to a dorm room with mismatched furniture.

I think that photo struck a chord in me about the feeling of home.  It made me stop and look around.  It made me want to create a little ambience and serenity in the place where we spend our days and nights.  It made me want to create little moments of light and color in my bay window so that washing the dishes doesn’t seem so tedious.  That little Instagram box lit a fire in me that needed rekindling, a kick in the butt to put a little more effort into my little home.  A project to reclaim a part of myself that I had not been paying attention to.

The cost so far of this dramatic self care epiphany?  So far two cans of paint, a few plants, and a rug.  A very small investment for daily reminders of joy.

So, friends, how about you?  Do you need to rekindle a fire?  Do you need to reclaim a piece of yourself?  Sometimes the answer to the self care we need isn’t doing a face mask or yoga, it’s a new year and a time for new beginnings.  Go find yourself a spark or a kick in the butt if that’s what you need to do some self care.  It’s worth it.