The Clean Beauty Scoop – February 2018

The Clean Beauty Scoop – February 2018

What did they love? What worked for their skin type? ​We’ve got the deets!


FIONA WESTERHOUT   Orchids and Peonies

When I heard that the February edition of the Art of Organics LUSH box would feature LILFOX Miami, I couldn’t help but be so excited. I absolutely love the products created by Alexis Rose and the mention of new and limited edition clean beauty treats from the brand was something I most definitely was looking forward to.

Flowerball Heart Chakra Body Nectar: The exclusive Flowerball Body Nectar is a beautiful body oil with a soft and delicate floral scent. This oil does not leave a greasy film, instead, it sinks beautifully into the skin, leaving it not only feeling nourished and hydrated but smelling like a bouquet of fresh florals. When using this after a shower, my skin is soft and glowing.

Gelsomino Luxury Jasmine Lip Butter: The Gelsomino Luxury Jasmine Lip Butter is a lip balm in which I do not hesitate to reach for and has been a companion of mine at the office. It smells so good that I want to eat it, but it also has left my lips looking smoother and softer, allowing me to apply my lipsticks smoothly and with ease.

Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Cleansing Balm: Finally, the Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm is a product in which I have really looked forward to trying. I love a good cleansing balm and I find that this is a perfect compliment to LILFOX’s existing Jungle Glow. This gently removes makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished after being removed with a cloth. The heavenly scent makes it an absolute dream to use in the evening – it’s an amazing way to finish a tough day at work…I know I have been enjoying this immensely at the end of a busy workday.

Overall, LUSH is a real treat from head to toe, focusing on perfectly concocted creations from LILFOX that help to pamper and invigorate – both inside and out.



ERIKA SUMMERS   Eco Summer Life

February’s LUSH box featuring LILFOX has been one of my favorite subscription boxes of all time. I really enjoy one brand boxes because we get an authentic feel for the overall brand. I first tried LILFOX back in 2015. LILFOX was my first dedicated skincare video review! I’m thrilled to see how much Alexis has grown her company since then. Here are a few highlights of each product.

Flowerball Heart Chakra Body Nectar: I enjoy body oils, but it takes an exquisite formula to impress me these days. Flowerball stands out because of the way my skin feels after applying it (straight out of the shower). It softens rough patches, hairs, and imperfections; leaving me with even, silky soft skin. I genuinely feel goddess vibes after applying it and hanging out in my bare skin.

Gelsomino Luxury Jasmine Lip Butter: Anyone else obsess over Jasmine? Gelsomino is based in murumuru butter and scented with Jasmine creating an ideal formula for dry, thirsty lips. Great if you’re looking to fill in + smooth cracks quickly. Leaves your lips super sexy glossy!

Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Cleansing Balm: my favorite product in the box would have to be the cleansing balm. Its formula is superior to other cleansing balms for a few reasons. No.1 is that it doesn’t burn my eyes, as others have. It removes all makeup, washes off with warm water, doesn’t strip and leaves skin SOFT. I especially love cleansing with it when my skin is dull and rough, because I’m instantly left with baby soft skin ready for serums.