New Year, New Me with Maison Pur

As an advocate for healthy living, I have to admit that one area I’ve fallen short in is sleep! It’s something I’ve struggled with for a while now, but I’m determined to turn in earlier this year and get my beauty sleep. Not only have studies shown how important sleep is for your skin, getting enough rest also plays into your hormone production, immune system, brain function and more. Some experts even say it’s more important than diet and exercise when it comes to your overall health. So why am I torturing myself and burning the candle at both ends so much?

I come from a long line of night owls, who all feel the most creative and motivated after the sun goes down. That’s all well and good to be creative at night, except for the fact that I have two young kids who rise early every morning and need to get off to school and other various activities. Truly, I’m in a season of life where our days start early and are filled with endless activities and little voices asking curious questions. All of which I love, but I find myself so busy during the day that much of my to-do list gets squished into the hours after their bedtime.

This year I’ve vowed to start fresh and try to carve out more time for what needs to get done during the day and let go of the stuff that isn’t worth me staying up late for. Since I’m a big believer in setting smaller goals and working my way up, I’m focusing on winding down earlier and pushing back my bedtime 15 minutes for now and every few weeks I’ll push it back even more until I feel like I’m getting enough rest. Even taking baby steps can make a big difference!

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