Founder 5 with Elysse Crabtree of Wabi-Sabi Botanicals

Founder 5 with Elysse Crabtree of Wabi-Sabi Botanicals

Deeply focused on sourcing as sustainably and ethically as possible, Wabi-Sabi Botanicals places a special emphasis on cooperatives that empower women through fair wages and working conditions. Uncompromising in their standards across 5 categories – Origin, Composition, Sensory Experience, Sustainability and Bioavailability, this is a skincare line that you can feel good about supporting from the moment the product reaches your hands. Formulated with organic and/or organically wildcrafted plant ingredients that contain active phytonutrients essential to skin health, Wabi-Sabi Botanicals promises effective products that are sustainable, unadulterated and cruelty-free.

We had the chance to pick founder Elysse’s brain in a lightening round about our 5 favorite topics, we hope you enjoy!


There’s something about using products that are made with love and intention in micro-batches with fresh, Earth-to-Skin ingredients, that feels so incredibly good for the body, mind and spirit. It really goes beyond the skin benefits – it’s a total sensory experience and the ritual of adorning yourself in these beautiful, luxurious ingredients is completely opposite to the experience I had for my most of my life – slathering prescription creams, harsh gels, and very sort of clinical-feeling products on my face. Clean beauty is not only about the benefits and results you get by using the products – it’s about the conscious, intentional, loving rituals, or ‘self-loving moments’ as I call them, we give to ourselves by using these products.



Your self care ritual – an indulgent weekly event or finding moments whenever you can get them?

Both. I have my brief, but nourishing 5-minute rituals in the morning and evening, the bookends on my day, and then I make space for a beautiful face mask, a bath soak, or a body scrub at least once a week.




I can’t live without an SPF. I love Honua Skincare’s MALU Protecting Day Cream. My Wabi-Sabi Botanicals ‘deserted island’ product would be one of our unreleased creations – a gorgeous ritual facial mist we’ll be launching in about a month! Think jasmine, white rose, royal Hawaiian sandalwood…



I’m barefoot, hair down, adorned in flowers, connecting with nature, massaging beautiful oils into my skin, and/or surrounded by people I love.




What’s the #1 piece of advice you would you tell your past self just getting started?

Buckle up. *Laughs* But, seriously, I would tell her to outsource. Be patient. Take risks. Invest in yourself. Enjoy the ride.




What’s up next?

We have so much goodness we’re just about ready to launch. You can expect a few beautiful (read: addictive) facial mists, an illuminative mask made with the most gorgeous array of ingredients sourced almost entirely in Bali by me, a healing, alchemical body oil for aches and pains, and a delicious, marzipan ritual oil cleanser. I’ve had so many requests to expand the Wabi-Sabi Botanicals product line – customers want to experience a start-to-finish WSB ritual – so that’s exactly what we’re doing!