Mix & Match Wabi Sabi Botanicals for Custom S...

Mix & Match Wabi Sabi Botanicals for Custom Skin Care

We’ve been going on for weeks about our love for Wabi Sabi Botanicals The Giver Illuminative Cleanser and limited edition Balancing Act – with good reason (they’re the featured brand and products for our April/May Clean Beauty Box!), but are you familiar with the rest of this expertly curated line it’s new products?

Valley of Light Illuminative Mask is a high-performance, brightening and beautifying treatment – formulated with raw, volcanic Balinese cacao and ultra-fine, hand-ground Balinese Arabica coffee (seriously!). This is a mask that works immediately, packed with potent antioxidants to protect and restore age and element-exposed skin.

Want to take it to the next level?

Mix your powder mask with a nutrient-dense floral water to create a customized blend, addressing specific skin concerns.

Lack luster skin?

Mix with Eau Sacreé No 1 | The Offering. Cell-regenerating Lebanese Orange Blossom provides floral undertones and Blood Orange infuses skin with brightening vitamins and protective antioxidants. Make way for luminous skin.

Experiencing dryness?

Mix with Eau Sacreé No. 2 | Heart Rising. Distilled White Rose and Royal Jasmine, hand-picked in the heart of France, gently hydrate and soothe dry skin. A true skin quencher.

Complexion flaring up?

Mix with Eau Sacreé No. 2 | Still Waters.  Rare indigo blue lavender flowers, artisan-distilled in the South of France, balance and soothe inflammation. Energizing Lemongrass infuses skin with water-soluble vitamins and hydration. Total calm for inflamed skin.

Which combo is calling your name? Shop Wabi Sabi Botanicals for targeted treatments. Don’t forget Clean Beauty Box members received 15% off all store purchases!