My first Mother’s Day wasn’t what I ex...

My first Mother’s Day wasn’t what I expected

My husband really likes coffee. When we go out to get coffee he makes a cup before we leave. We call it his ‘to get there coffee’.

Last mother’s day (my first) we woke up in a hotel room in Savannah, GA. We’d been traveling with our 5 month old for 2 weeks and he’d conveniently stopped sleeping (like, at all) on day 2.

It was 4 am, we had a flight to catch in 2 hours. We were just a little tired.

We weren’t about to have the Mother’s Day champagne brunch with instagram-worthy flowers I had envisioned pre-kid. We were about to fly home cross-country with a cranky infant and our surprise vacation toys had lost their magic a week ago.

On the bedside table was an almond milk latte (praise be) and a Mother’s Day card – a ‘to get there card’ my husband had written.

He promised a ‘real’ celebration when we got home.

The thing is, it ended up being a pretty wonderful day.

Apparently when you fly on Mother’s Day with your family, 1. EVERYONE wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day (which felt pretty good as a first timer) and 2. Fellow flyers have a little more patience 3 hours into the flight when your baby has a 10 minute meltdown – she looks like she’s doing the best she can and hey it’s Mother’s Day!

The big fanfare isn’t important. All we really want is for the people we are on this journey with to show us that they see us.

That both the big sacrifices and the small mundane things we do for our families on a daily basis are appreciated.

To share a few inside jokes with.

My own mama lives 2000 miles away, but I’ll be celebrating her from afar and sending her a mama-care package. Because she’s been rocking this job for 34 years.

I’m sending her a Kahina Giving Beauty Moisture Mask (she fell in love after I introduced her to mine over Christmas) and Live Botanicals Luna Moisture Elixir because it’s like bouquet of flowers on your face every day.

Feel like sprinkling a little love on your own mama, your fave aunt or a new mama who needs a little extra TLC? Our bi-monthly boxes also make a really great gift.

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