Founder 5 with Amber Woods of Pink Light Botanical...

Founder 5 with Amber Woods of Pink Light Botanicals

Pink Light is a highly sensorial and supernatural experience for the skin, helping to ease daily stressors and replenish skin’s healthy resilience at every stage of life.

Created by Amber Woods, a trained herbalist and licensed esthetician, Pink Light products are 100% natural, handcrafted and hand packaged.

Each herbal luxury is created with the highest quality organic botanicals, and essential oils to nourish and support the skin’s own reparative abilities.

They make many of their own herbal extracts with herbs from local farms. All products also contain energetic essences of flowers and stones to add properties to encourage self love and care.

At Pink Light, beauty is synonymous with health and it’s their intention to endow the skin with both, naturally, from the inside-out.

Chatting with Amber Woods, founder of Pink Light Botanicals

Why Clean Beauty?

To me, clean beauty has been a no-brainer since I was a teenager and started exploring how what I eat affects me, and how that also applies to what I put on my skin. The skin is very much alive, and as soon as I became aware of the harmful chemicals and preservatives that can cause health problems used in most skin care, I started to look for alternatives. Once I started to discover the possibilities that existed with more natural and nourishing ingredients, it became a passion of mine. I think my skin looks healthier now than it did 15 years ago, and I owe that to clean beauty.

In the late 90’s, when I was a teenager, very few options existed, but I’m so happy to finally see the massive movement toward cleaner beauty, and to be a part of that.

Your self care ritual: an indulgent weekly event or finding moments whenever you can get them?

My most important self care ritual is my nighttime skin and hair care routine. It allows me to complete my day, prepare for good sleep, and wake up feeling happier and healthier. I can tell a huge difference when I skip this routine. And the most important part of that routine is my nightly oil cleanse massage that I remove with a warm washcloth. It’s the best treat at the end of the day and calms my nervous system.

Your deserted island product

Tie between Crystal Facial Tonic and Clear Horizon Cleansing Oil.

I feel most beautiful when…

I take my time with things. When my body, mind and spirit are nourished. When I’m laughing.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you would you tell your past self just getting started?

As much as possible, set yourself up so that you aren’t in charge of doing everything. You have to work extremely hard and do many jobs when you start a business, but the sooner you can pass off tasks, the more sustainable it will be. Also, know that you are about to work harder than ever, so make non-negotiable time to take care of yourself.

 What’s next?I’m working on a Clear Horizon Serum to help nourish congested, break-out prone skin, set to launch next year.