Can I use April’s Balance Box if I have Dry ...

Can I use April’s Balance Box if I have Dry or Mature skin?

Is your skin mature or dry?

You may be wondering if April’s featured products by Wabi Sabi Botanicals are the right fit for your skin.

Sometimes the description ‘balancing’ can come across as specific to combo or acneic skin. 

But hear us out…

Our strict standards for the products we feature not only examine ingredients, efficacy and environmental impact, but we also carefully vet to ensure they work for all skin types.

Featured in April’s Clean Beauty Box, The Giver & Balancing Act are two incredibly versatile powerhouses for your beauty arsenal, no matter what skin type you have.

Balancing Act Intensif Serum No. 2‘s 3 key ingredients are not only great for oily and combo complexions to balance oil production and fight congestion, but also work double time to support mature skin. The truth of the matter is that all skin types need Omegas 3 & 6 to maintain skin health.

Let’s break it down:

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids:
💫are powerful anti-inflammatories and protect against free radicals
💫can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
💫keep your skin stay hydrated by strengthening your skin barrier to help seal moisture in
💫promote a soft and smooth complexion

Guava seed oil, one of the main ingredients in Balancing Act is a powerful antioxidant that soothes, firms & protects skin from environmental damage while also helping the skin maintain moisture. Eessential for dry or mature skin.

This lightweight oil sinks in effortlessly and layers beautifully under weightier moisturizers for those who need it. For those with dry skin we recommend layering a heavier moisturizer on top of Balancing Act so that you receive all the benefits of the active phytonutrients while also supporting your skin’s individual moisture needs.

An incredibly versatile product, it can be used on its own or together with other products for additional skin support. Balancing Act has the unique ability to become exactly what you need it to be for evolving skin concerns – ahem, seasonal changes.

Needing extra moisture? Start with your cleansing routine.

Wabi Sabi Botanicals The Giver Illuminative Ritual Cleanser blends 4 key ingredients to nourish, replenish and protect. This traditional oil cleanser (which means it is removed with a warm cloth) breaks down and removes daily grime, makeup and sunscreen without stripping the skin of moisture or damaging it’s the essential protective barrier.

Hibiscus oil, a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliates and helps to firm skin while Cacao provides powerful antioxidant properties and strengthens the skin’s defense against damaging free radicals, a culprit of aging and breakdown of collagen.

Skin is left feeling clean, balanced and moisturized.

We’re not sure what kind of magic Elysse, founder of Wabi Sabi Botanicals, has worked, but we haven’t found a skin type that The Giver doesn’t LOVE.