Tips + Tricks // Sublime Balm


“What’s amazing about Sublime is that it is truly a multi-tasking product, and a great option for those who want to use less.”

– Oyéta Kokoroko, OKOKO Cosmetiques founder

We’re here with pro tips from the founder so you can get the most out of Sublime Balm, a weightless, fast-absorbing formula.

Created with the intent to offer a gorgeous multi-purpose balm that will help provide a glowing and illuminated complexion, while delivering a layer of protection against environmental elements. This one packs a punch both in efficacy and color.


  • As a moisturizer: Smooth about 1/3 pea size of balm between your palms and fingertips, then gently massage onto dry skin or gently press into face for 40-60 seconds. Use all over the face, neck, and décolleté as needed.
  • As a cleanser: Activate a small amount with water and massage into the skin, rinse off with water for skin left feeling clean, smooth and radiant.
  • As a makeup remover: Massage a small amount into skin while dry, then wet a cotton pad and swipe across the face or use a warm washcloth to remove all makeup.
  • PRO TIP 1: Sublime works very well as a base for flawless makeup and foundation!
  • PRO TIP 2: A little goes a long way and don’t let the color scare you! It sinks in quickly without leaving any color behind. We recommend waiting for it to absorb before coming into contact with clothing or pillowcases.

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