This Day Cream Got Me to Finally Wear a Daily SPF

This Day Cream Got Me to Finally Wear a Daily SPF

I used to hate clean sunscreen. Like, avoid it at all costs.

When I switched to clean skincare over a decade ago I begrudgingly switched to zinc oxide-based sunscreens. And truthfully I only wore it in the summer if I was going to the beach. It was thick and goopy and made my skin look even more pale. Everything I tried made my face breakout.

It was only until I reached my 30’s and started to notice increasing hyperpigmentation that I realized I needed to figure out my SPF situation. I’ve lived in southern California for 7 years and embarrassingly I only just started wearing a face SPF on a daily basis LAST YEAR. Oh the shame (and the skin damage).

It turns out that irreversible UV damage is responsible for 80% of premature aging. And skin cancer…

I made it my mission to find a face SPF that not only protects, but actually feels good on my skin.

When I discovered Honua Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 I became an immediate sunscreen or die convert. It was easy to apply and actually made my skin look better. The moisturizing day cream and SPF combo was a complete game changer. My skin is happy and hydrated with zero white cast.

The brand new Malu is now palm-free and utilizes a lower % of zinc oxide while still maintaining broad spectrum SPF 30. One of the issues with the previous formula was that it would get stuck in the pump due to the thicker texture and high percentage of zinc oxide. Founder Kapua worked with a chemist to reduce the amount of zinc oxide and include additional beneficial ingredients to keep the SPF 30 protection. Win! You can learn more about the reformulation process here.

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