Tips + Tricks // Freedom Fighter


“Freedom Fighter quickly sinks into the skin leaving a velvety finish. It’s calming while moisturizing and boosts the antioxidant effectiveness of your SPF.”

– Tami Blake, Free + True Skincare founder

We’re here with pro tips from the founder so you can get the most out of Freedom Fighter, a revitalizing facial oil. This quick absorbing formula supercharges the effectiveness of your moisturizer and works as a double layer of free radical protection to support your daily SPF.


  • Massage 1-6 drops onto damp face and neck.
  • Don’t miss your dĂ©colletage where sun damage often occurs.
  • Apply after serums and moisturizer as the final step in your skincare routine to boost sun protection. Freedom Fighter can work alone as a daily moisturizer for less dry skin types or layered over a day cream for skin that needs extra moisture.
  • PRO TIP 1: Layer Freedom Fighter over Ramblin Rose or mix a few drops into the serum to create a custom moisturizer – increasing or decreasing the number of Freedom Fighter drops depending on the level of moisture your skin needs.
  • PRO TIP 2: The beauty of the Free + True collection is that they all play nicely together. Create a nutritious smoothie for your skin by combining Ramblin Rose Hydrating Serum, Freedom Fighter Antioxidant Face Oil, and Bright Side Vitamin C Serum.

CRANBERRY OIL – formulated at 25% concentration, it contains the perfect balance of omegas 3 & 6

SEA-BUCKTHORN BERRY OIL – packed with 190 bioactive substances that stimulate skin healing, regeneration, firming and toning

RASPBERRY OIL – provides anti-inflammatory support, repairs environmental damage and reduces trans-epidermal water loss

BARBADOS CHERRY + GOJI BERRY EXTRACTS – contain collagen supporting vitamin C + E

NETTLE – a highly nutritious plant that contains vitamins C, K, B, chlorophyll and protein protects against sun damage and supports the skin’s integrity

COQ10 – works at a cellular level to boost skin repair, regenerate and reduce free radical damage that causes age spots and fine lines