Tips + Tricks // Bright Side


“Bright Side delivers the results everyone needs to feel confident in their bare skin.”

– Tami Blake, Free + True Skincare founder

We’re here with pro tips from the founder so you can get the most out of Bright Side, a Vitamin C serum and exclusive pre-launch with The Clean Beauty Box.

Balances skin tone and targets dark spots with a daily dose of concentrated Vitamin C and B3 complex. Two types of stable, soluble Vitamin C stimulate cellular rejuvenation and collagen synthesis, while niacinamide keeps skin calm and hyperpigmentation at bay.


TETRAHEXYLDECYL ASCORBATE (OIL SOLUBLE VITAMIN C) – an ultra-stable, powerful form of Vitamin C, clinical research shows that it’s 50x more effective than traditionally used L-asorbic acid, oil soluble makes it easier to penetrate the skin and offers increased cell protection

MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE (VITAMIC C) – a water-soluble, non-irritating form of Vitamin C, boosts collagen synthesis while still being safe for sensitive skin.

NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3) – Helps brighten, smooth skin texture and restore the skin’s barrier function.

PURPLE MAIZE EXTRACT – contains powerful antioxidants – phenolic acid, vitamin C, and anthocyanin to fight free radicals and help reduce signs of aging from oxidative stress

(AMLA) BERRY – a natural source of Vitamin C to brighten skin, fade hyperpigmentation and protect from environmental pollution

UVA URSI (BEARBERRY LEAF) – contains a unique combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals, including a safe, natural source of hydroquinone to brighten complexion

POMEGRANATE JUICE – provides phyto-active compounds and natural anti-inflammatory agents