Founder Five with Tami Blake of Free + True Skinca...

Founder Five with Tami Blake of Free + True Skincare

Created by a team of skin experts led by Tami Blake – founder, esthetician, certified cosmetics formulator, eco-warrior, adventurer and mother. Free + True Skincare harnesses the planet’s most potent botanicals and marries them with clean science and tech to bring effortless and effective care to any skin environment. Each product not only effective, but entirely enjoyable to use.

The active skincare line was inspired by Tami’s own active lifestyle; one that offers limited time for complex rituals but demands high performance results. With Free + True, she masters ’simple, clean and effective’ with a range of 9 products for face and body, each formulated in California using locally grown botanicals and boosted with high tech, clean ingredients. Every product in the collection is formulated, tested and approved by her team of dedicated estheticians.

Chatting with Tami Blake, founder of Free + True Skincare

Why Clean Beauty?

I view beauty products with the same philosophy that I view nutrition. Whole foods and clean supplements nourish, strengthen and repair the body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Whole botanical skincare boosted with high tech actives can make a huge difference in skin health.

When I formulate skincare every ingredient serves a purpose for your skin. There are no cheap fillers used to keep costs down. Every ingredient brings value to the skin. As a cosmetics formulator and esthetician I’ve learned how to analyze formulas to find out where the value is. Quality ingredients yield superior results.

Your self care ritual: An indulgent weekly event or finding moments whenever you can get them?

The premise of the Free + True collection is to simplify our daily skincare routines to free up more time to do what matters most in life. Meditation and spending time in nature are my favorite self care rituals. They are the foundation of my mental health and allow me to show up in the world with my best foot forward. My daily meditation practice has been a game changer in bringing me a sense of inner peace and grounding. I do it most mornings for 10-15 minutes and it sets the tone for the day. I am productive, happier and less stressed.

I started roller skating about a month ago and it’s been life changing and has become my happy place.  I think as women who are juggling so much that taking time for meditation (self care) and physical activity matters. My son and I go to the school yard together to ride bikes and roller skate. I think that I’ve become much stronger emotionally by taking time for wellness, roller skating, meditation and diet.

The one product you could never live without?

Bright Side Vitamin C Serum is the heavy hitting serum that everyone needs to feel beautiful in their bare skin. Formulated with two stable forms of vitamin C and robust botanical synergies, it builds up the integrity and resilience of the skin. Bright Side balances sebum production, evens out skin tone and builds collagen and elasticity. It does it all and can be layered with other Free + True products and your daily SPF.

I feel most beautiful when…

I feel most beautiful after meditation and my superfood smoothie. I believe that embracing our natural beauty is a form of liberation and frees up space for me to find happiness by doing what I love. I wear many hats as a founder, product formulator, mother and activist. If there’s one thing my experiences have taught me, it’s that there is power in being confident in your own skin. It does not matter what you change on the outside, if you haven’t done the inner work to heal your insecurities, you’ll continue to face them.

Free + True was designed to uplift the natural beauty within each woman so that she can spend more time in pursuit of what makes her glow.

What’s on the horizon?

I am excited to be launching a collection of products formulated to support your inner beauty by boosting wellness and vitality! Stay tuned.