Tips + Tricks // AMLY Botanicals Sleep Tight Face ...

Tips + Tricks // AMLY Botanicals Sleep Tight Face Balm


“It has become a ‘hero product’, the unique texture has made it an absolute favourite with beauty editors (& some celebrity fans).”

– Lisa & Kerry, AMLY Botanicals founder


  • Warm a pea-size amount between fingertips then gently massage into face and neck using upward strokes.

  • A little goes a long way! If it’s not absorbing fully a few minutes after application you may be using too much product. Try applying slightly less until you find the optimal amount.

  • Dealing with extra dry skin? Apply both morning and night for 24 hour moisture.

  • For optimal beauty sleep effect, apply after misting with Beauty Sleep Face Mist and application of any lighter-weight serums in your ritual.

    FOUNDER TIP: Apply post sun exposure or après ski for gentle healing.

PROPOLIS EXTRACT is packed with anti-microbial Quercetin to help protect skin from photo-induced oxidative stress.

KUKUI SEED OIL helps protect against cell damage from environmental free radicals

BORAGE SEED OIL soothes, softens and reduces stress while also rejuvenating the complexion

FIREWEED STEM EXTRACT provides soothing antioxidant properties

ARGAN OIL tightens skin and improves elasticity

Q + A with Lisa Smallpeice & Kerry Moore, Founders of AMLY Botanicals

When/how do you love to use the product?
Sleep Tight has become a ‘hero product’, the unique texture has made it an absolute favorite with beauty editors (& some celebrity fans). For those with a more mature or dry/dehydrated skin it may be used during the day to nourish & restore suppleness. It also works incredibly well post sun and post ski.

What inspired the product/ingredients?
When we created the 3 ‘families’ we looked at issues that we felt were having an impact on our wellbeing and therefore our skin. Sleep or lack/quality of it was something we were noticing with both ourselves, friends and colleagues and this motivated us to create products that would help both prepare for sleep and improve the quality of the skin whilst sleeping. Sleep is essential to every organ in the body. The phrase ‘get your beauty sleep” has a good foundation in science as between the hours of 11pm-midnight, cell mitosis of the skin is at its peak (this is the cell division that occurs to renew and repair skin). It is also prime time for repairing damage and rebuilding cells and tissues. As you sleep your immune system functions at its maximum capacity, so your skin’s ability to replenish and renew also function at this increased rate. Boosting your antioxidants at night can help enhance the skin’s own repair process.

How long has it been part of the line?
Sleep Tight launched alongside our 2 other serum/balms in May 2018.

Can you give us some insight on the ingredient formulation process?
Both Beauty Sleep & Sleep Tight were in development for at least two years. Lisa & I are very particular and keep going until we both feel we have achieved the desired result, we must have had at least 20 versions of the Sleep Tight! All of the AMLY products are made using a slow, methodical formulation process. Our botanical extracts, essential oils, hydrolates and natural bio-actives are not only hand blended but undergo several stages of succussing and resting to achieve the most benefit from the ingredients. Our essential oils are hydro-distilled. Many of our ingredients are organic or wild-crafted, all are from producers we deem to produce the highest quality, these may be small cooperatives who may be organic but have not been able to afford certification.

What is the star ingredient in the product and why?
Star ingredients here are our Propolis, also known as ‘bee glue’, packed with anti-microbial Quercetin, which helps to keep skin healthy and to protect it from the effects of photo-induced oxidative stress. Our Propolis goes through a unique extraction process that preserves the DNA of the plant extract. Purifying and strengthening our premium Propolis with its nourishing and lipid restoring waxes, is scientifically proven to reduce the depth and volume of crow’s feet wrinkles by up to 26%.

Organic Fireweed is rich in antioxidants and increases skin moisturizing effect by 35.8%. It is antimicrobial and naturally rich in Vitamin E. Nourishing and repairing, it reinforces the skin’s barrier function to protect against free radicals, a major cause of skin aging.