The Jade Roller: Your New Best Friend When It Come...

The Jade Roller: Your New Best Friend When It Comes To Anti-Aging?

Recently resurfacing as a must-have beauty tool, Jade rollers have been around since the 7th century. How’s that for a timeless beauty secret?

Made of 100% natural jade, the hand carved facial massage roller is a traditional Chinese anti-wrinkle and anti-aging beauty tool used to promote youthful skin. They are reputed to revitalize tired, puffy and sagging skin with signs of aging.

Rolling and massaging over the skin in an upward motion promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a detoxifying effect and decreasing fluid retention. Sayonara morning puffiness!

Using the jade roller on your face provides a refreshing sensation as it glides, rolls and massages. They are even reported to help with product absorption when used after applying a moisturizer or serum.

Tip: Store in the fridge for an invigorating facial massage to help with headaches, puffy under eyes or even relief from a hangover*

*We can’t promise you’ll be cured, but a few minutes of the jade roller will make getting to brunch just a little bit easier and increased blood circulation means people may think you snuck in a run before breakfast.

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