Chatting With Isa Brito of Isa’s Restorative...

Chatting With Isa Brito of Isa’s Restoratives About Her Beauty Secrets, How She Started the Esteemed Brand, and New Products In the Works

Isa, Herbalist and Founder of Isa’s Restorative’s, and I connected as she was launching her newest product, The Blue Beauty Balm. A deeply soothing facial balm, formulated with specific oils for fast absorption while delivering nutritive, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to the skin. I had the chance to try this along with other balms from her line and immediatly fell in love. Isa’s products are everything you hope for from a beauty line; rich textures, luxurious scents and beautifully modern packaging. All senses become engaged.

I had the privledge of picking Isa’s brain to learn about how she created the cult-favorite beauty line Isa’s Restoratives and the secret to her enviable glowing skin.


Photo by Farika Joyce

Describe your journey, how did you find yourself starting Isa’s Restoratives?
I had been studying herbalism for a few years and experimenting with making balms, body oils and masks. The masks were all edible, made with ingredients straight from the garden, pantry and refrigerator. My daughter started sharing products with her friends in school and the friends shared with their mothers, and soon the mothers were buying from me in the school parking lot, so I made a website and started shipping from home and somehow the stores found me and it all started.

Was there a large market for organic and handmade beauty products at the time?

Not a large market. Dr. Hauschka and Weleda were the popular brands, at least in my orbit. And there were some other brands that were bought out by the big companies.

Where do you source your ingredients from and where are your products made?
My ingredients come from different sources, it took me a while to find the suppliers that carried the organic, cold pressed and unrefined oils I presently source from, and most are online. The plants are coming directly from an organic farm in Vermont where the plants are certified organic grown or ethically harvested on their land, offering incredible vitality. They are shipped soon after they are freshly dried and I promptly infuse in the oils once delivered to me. 

I make the products in my Lefferts Gardens studio in Brooklyn, a very  spacious, bright and quite space with a gorgeous garden.


How do you choose your ingredients?
I do a lot of research on all the ingredients going into each formula.  While oils can be very similar they can also have very different profiles.  The same goes for the plants, all curated for efficacy on the promised  results.

What are your favorite ingredients to work with and why?
There are so many. But I would say that right now I am experimenting quite a bit with oils from Brazil where I was born and raised. These oils are quite powerful in several ways and I like the reconnection with ingredients that were part of my growing up.


What is your most beloved product by you/your customers?
The Immortelle Beauty Balm is my best seller and my favorite. I always have it with me in some form, I even make it in lip balm tubes for myself to carry it in my bag all day, it is such a labor of love and a highly nourishing and reparative product, I just adore it. 


Photo by Farika Joyce

Your skin is glowing and beautiful. Describe your personal skin routine, any secrets you can share?
Thank you! I keep it simple and very pure. I used to mix it up and use a few other brands, but presently I am just using The Immortelle Beauty Balm at night and the Blue Beauty Balm in the morning. I use the Elixir II – Rejuvenate before applying the balms and I do a mask once a week.

What is your philosophy on makeup and which, if any, products do you use?
I use very little make up. I do enjoy a dark berry color lip in the winter months, but not that much more. There are amazing toxin-free and organic brands out there, and I wear those in line with my brand: clean, green and actually good for you.


Do you have any favorite brands/products outside of Isa’s Restoratives?
So many! I love everything by May Lindstrom, Gressa and I adore W3LL People.

I once read that you don’t make products on rainy days, why is that?
Those were the days I was making a lot of creams and my mother had told me when I was teenager to never try  to mix oil and water in a rainy day because it was not  going to come out right. I guess I was operating under a superstition, for since then I have made many beautiful emulsions on stormy days! But the creams are becoming a much smaller part of my collection.

Can you share anything you are currently working on for future release?
There will soon be an eye serum that is triple infused with beneficial plants in a stellar line up of oils and healing essential oils. This serum has been in formulation since last Autumn and testing for the last few months with only praise as feedback. There is also a cleanser scheduled to be launched early in the Summer.

* Isa’s Restorative’s Eye Serum is available for purchase as of today, April 29th!

Isa’s Restoratives and Art of Organics had opportunity to collaborate this Spring and we are beyond excited to be featuring a 1 oz. Blue Beauty Balm our BLOSSOM gift box (sold out).