The Clean Beauty Scoop – October 2017

The Clean Beauty Scoop – October 2017

What did they love? What worked for their skin type? ​We’ve got the deets!


DANIELLE TORRES   Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty

Lush Balance Toning Mist by Akar Skin: Akar is a brand I am very familiar with and love all of the formulations of the line. The Lush Toning Mist is no different. The spray is super fine which creates a beautiful barrier for other oils or serums to layer on top. I haven’t noticed any specific differences in this necessarily, but I especially love it when I layer products. My skin stays nicely hydrated when I use this mist.

Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum by Ursa Major: Really loving this for morning use! It has been really hydrating, skin softening, and I have even noticed a slight brightening and clearing of my skin. Its helped reduce breakouts and keep inflammation under control. A beautiful lightweight serum that hasn’t caused any kind of irritation, so I think those with sensitive skin who are looking for a Vitamin C serum would love this!


AMBER ELDRIDGE   Ms. Centsible

Lush Balance Toning Mist by Akar Skin: The mist itself is light and has a very pleasant smell. I personally use it after cleansing and whenever I want a little refresher!

Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum by Ursa Major: It’s a lightweight serum and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It is also works so well to create an even surface for my moisturizer and SPF. After that, my face is ready for some green beauty!




NIC MACDOWALL   OrgaNic Obsessions

Lush Balance Toning Mist by Akar Skin: I’ve been applying some onto a washable organic cotton pad to wipe away any excess residue after cleansing which has been a refreshing step before further misting. I also use it to calm any flare ups that I can get now and then and within minutes my skin is feeling soothed. Both the toner and Vitamin C serum will help transition your skin during cooler weather but they’re also a great combination for those living in humid climes as there’s a strong balancing aspect within the ingredients.

Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum by Ursa Major: With close to 4 weeks of testing I have seen brighter, more balanced and hydrated skin. I was concerned that it may leave my skin looking oilier towards the end of the day living in a humid climate but it has kept it nicely dewy instead, keeping my natural oil production very balanced. Apart from using it on its own to gauge efficacy, I have also been mixing it with Leahlani’s Champagne Serum which works equally well and delivers the same results mentioned above. A great serum to protect those skin cells of ours!