5 Reasons you’re not using clean beauty prod...

5 Reasons you’re not using clean beauty products and 15 reasons you should

So you’re not on the clean beauty train yet, even after hearing whispers about why you should be. Maybe you’re unsure of what clean beauty means or how to get started. Or maybe you just don’t care about what you’re putting on your body (eeeek, we hope this isn’t the case!). But what if we could provide you with 15 important reasons why making the move to clean is 100% necessary?

5 reasons why you don’t buy clean beauty…

  1. You don’t think mainstream beauty products are harmful.
  2. You’re unsure of what ingredients are safe vs. not.
  3. Clean beauty is too expensive.
  4. You don’t know which clean products actually work and don’t want to waste your money or time researching.
  5. It’s difficult to find clean beauty products where you shop or live.

And 15 reasons why you SHOULD

  1. Mainstream beauty products haven’t been regulated in decades and have ingredients that may lead to cancer and other scary health issues.
  2. Clean beauty uses less fillers so you are getting more of the active (aka superstar) ingredients with every use.
  3. Many clean beauty brands source ingredients that are more sustainable and good for Planet Earth.
  4. We curate products that we’ve tried and loved, so each item is personally vouched for.
  5. You’re putting safer ingredients onto your body’s biggest organ (your skin) and into your bloodstream.
  6. Our clean beauty box is delivered directly to your doorstep every other month.
  7. There are more clean, ultra-effective beauty product options now than ever before.
  8. It can be affordable! Our boxes are only $41.95/box.
  9. Responsibly sourced ingredients.
  10. Products are gentle and aren’t formulated using ingredients linked to cancers, reproductive damage and allergies.
  11. Environmentally-friendly packaging is always chic.
  12. You’re teaching your children, friends and family members about the importance of sustainable packaging, healthy ingredients, and clean living.
  13. You’re choosing to support smaller companies.
  14. To be on the forefront of a movement that’ll will lead to healthier, happier lives and a cleaner Earth.
  15. Because you deserve getting a box full of clean beauty presents every other month. Our Clean Beauty Box has your name on it.


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