Inside Scoop – Malaya Organics – Firmi...

Inside Scoop – Malaya Organics – Firming Eye Serum

Firming Eye Serum

A restorative, fast-absorbing formula designed to visibly smooth delicate skin around the eyes, helping them appear more youthful, fresh and radiant.

•Improves skin suppleness + firmness
•Reduces the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles
•Long term improvement of the skin barrier function + texture



What inspired this product?
I have struggled to find an eye product that suited my very sensitive eyes or produce effective results. I have tried dozens of different products, no matter how gentle they claim to be, my eyes react.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a super gentle, highly effective formula that absorbs quickly, and actually firms and rejuvenates the eye area.

What is the star ingredient?
There are 2 powerhouse ingredients used to address eye skin concerns.

Apple & Argan Stem Cells – are known to enhance cellular metabolism and improve ATP synthesis, the energy currency of cells. They also have unique radical scavenging properties.

•Results: Decreased appearance of wrinkle depth, improvement of skin firmness, and overall brighter, rejuvenated and more supple under eye area.

Pea Peptides – have 22 amino acids (more than any vegetable protein). Amino acids are known to help maintain skin texture and resilience.

•Results: Visibly firmer skin and smoother fine lines.

Additional powerhouse ingredients:

Green Bean Oil – known for brightening dark circles, reducing puffiness, firming skin, and high antioxidant activity.

Acai Berry Oil – helps restore elasticity and has a high mineral content, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins B, E, C. Phytosterols protect from UV damage and Anthocyanins and Phenols are powerful antioxidants.

Burriti Seed Oil – the richest known natural source of beta-carotene (a powerhouse antioxidant) renews cells and improves elasticity. The extremely high oleic acid content (72%) helps replenish lost moisture while restoring and balancing sebum.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil – highest level of Vitamin E in all plant oils used in cosmetics. High in linoleic acid helps target sun-induced hyperpigmentation, helps retain moisture and decrease water loss and protects skin barrier from the environment. Known for calming redness/inflammation/sunburn, and brightening complexion. Very high in Vitamin K which can brighten under eye circles.

Kakadu Plum – highest known concentration of Vitamin C which helps form proline, an amino acid that helps make collagen. Known for imparting a natural glow on the skin.