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Inside Scoop – Dafna’s Personal Skincare – Recovery Cleanser

Recovery Cleanser

A luxe balm-to-milk cleanser that melts upon contact and rinses clean, leaving a fresh, glowing complexion.

•Efficiently removes sunscreen, make-up + daily grime.
•Pulls double duty as an overnight treatment mask.



What make this product special?
For me it has 2 parts: the functionality and the aroma.

On a functionality level I wanted to use oils that help deeply clean and at the same time provide skin with rich nutrients – like Moringa and bamboo. I also adore Chamomile for the skin – it is always great to finish the day, allowing the skin to calm down with Chamomile.

The specific combination of ingredients including lecithin (which helps effortlessly blend the balm with water) is where this balm goes from something simple to incredible. A formula that improves absorption and increases bio-availability to get the most out of a bountiful harvest expressed in the overall ingredient deck.

On the aroma side – I use aromas that are 100% essential oils (not even perfume derived from essential oil) to get the benefits of the EO as well as the aroma. Recovery Cleanser is a combination of a relaxing, soothing aroma (lavender) with a touch of freshness to keep the mind open (sweet orange and rosemary) and to give us the freshness and clean feeling.

What is the star ingredient?
In every product I try to fight oxidation, aging, dehydration.

For Recovery Cleanser I wanted Moringa. It is SO high in antioxidants which makes it the perfect ingredient for a cleanser. This also makes it more than just a cleanser. Moringa comes from the Tibetan borders where it survives very cold temperatures. For me adding these benefits to the skin makes miracles.

Also, I love Chamomile – no, it’s not that “exotic” – but at the end of the day – I want functionality too…chamomile just does the job. It helps reduce irritation and calm the skin.

What’s your fave way to use it?
I love to use it at night: with a good massage. This product, which is oil-based, is great to massage into skin and leave for a few minutes to soften the skin. Then, I take it off with muslin or directly with water. If I want it to be a deeper cleansing- a Muslin cloth really helps. The great thing is that it emulsifies with water (which is quite hard to get in 100% natural products).

Edited for length and clarity