How to Fix a Melted Beauty Balm

How to Fix a Melted Beauty Balm

Did you receive your OKOKO Cosmetiques Sublime Balm in a melted state, or perhaps it’s solid, but now grainy?

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a simple solution to restore your balm back to it’s intended texture.

First, we assure you that a melted or grainy balm is perfectly safe to use and this has zero effect on its efficacy. This is the same liquid form that was necessary to initially blend the ingredients during production before it was quickly cooled to the smooth solid texture you’re used to.


One of the main ingredients in balms is typically a butter (or a combination of multiple) which have a low melting point. This causes them to easily melt when in transit or even in a warm bathroom.


The grainy texture occurs when balms melt, and then return to a cooler temperature and re-solidify at a slow rate.

But why? Because the fatty acids within the butters have different melting temps and are cooling at different rates, causing them to separate and tiny crystals to form as they slowly cool. The reason crystals don’t form during production is because the entire balm is rapidly cooled in a refrigerated process after the ingredients are blended.


Nope! A liquid or grainy balm is perfectly safe to use and has zero effect on its efficacy. The small grainy parts of the butters will remelt when in contact with your skin.


While a liquid or grainy balm is perfectly safe to use, it’s not the smooth texture we love about balms.

Step 1: If your balm is already fully melted jump to step 2. If your balm is solid or just partially melted you’ll need to fully remelt the balm by screwing on the lid VERY TIGHT and placing in a bowl of warm water for 15-20 minutes. You can even place the jar inside of an air tight bag before submerging to ensure no water enters the jar during this process. The goal is to make sure the balm is fully melted and there are no solid grainy particles.

Step 2: Give it a quick stir with a CLEAN toothpick or opposite end of a fork and replace the lid.

Step 3: Place in the refrigerator until it’s solid again (usually about 30 minutes). We recommend storing in a dry, cool place like the refrigerator, especially if your home tends to be warmer.

*Important note: This balm was created with a whipped texture and may be less airy and more dense after cooling. This may give the impression that there is less product in the jar than advertised, but we assure you the balms are filled to the full promised amount.

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