Founder 5 with Karmen Novak of Flower and Spice

Founder 5 with Karmen Novak of Flower and Spice

Created by Karmen Novak, science enthusiast and skincare formulator, Flower and Spice came about as a labor of love for the human body and the planet.

After studying organic skincare science at UK-based Formula Botanica — the leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School — she fell deeply in love with natural skincare and its overwhelming benefits.

She has seen firsthand the soft, glowing, calm skin that was a result of using only natural and organic ingredients. This passion led her to start experimenting with different botanicals to develop truly natural products that not only transport the senses through scent and texture but powerfully nourish and care for the skin.

All products are created by Karmen, from beginning to end, to ensure the highest level of efficacy and well-being.

Chatting with Karmen Novak, founder of Flower and Spice

Why Clean Beauty?

When I started creating skincare, the word “clean” was not the main thing I was focusing on. It was “natural”. I guess this more or less means the same, especially if we use organic ingredients, which I do. While studying organic science, I realized that natural skincare is just so much better from what I was used to putting on my skin. My skin completely changed, it became healthier, and I was amazed with the benefits mother nature can provide.

Your self care ritual: an indulgent weekly event or finding moments whenever you can get them?

Creating a skincare brand almost accidentally happened when I was on my path to change my stressful lifestyle. I was on the edge of burnout and started to go back to nature, to take care of myself better. With time I realized that having a lot of “me time” moments can be more efficient than having long holidays, which, as an entrepreneur I cannot have often anyway.

My self-care contains using my products every morning and evening. With nature pack, bottles and jars ground me and transport me back to nature every day, even for a few minutes. The scents transport me to a peaceful place. Self-care also entails healthy eating, doing sports, nothing crazy, mostly long walks (where I leave my phone at home). I love to find peace with a cup of tea or a book, cooking, and spending time with my partner and friends. I love art and travel, so I always try to find time for those as well, to get some soul food never hurts.

Your deserted island product

That would be my Midnight Beauty serum. Or any other nice skin oil. I got obsessed with oils since they transformed my skin completely.

I feel most beautiful when…

I am well rested.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you would you tell your past self just getting started?

Be patient.

 What’s next?We have already announced a new product, a customisable clay treatment Beauty masquerade that will be out in fall. I am also working on another product, which I can share a sneak peek… It will smell almost the same as Instant Glow and will hydrate your skin.