Founder 5 with Gigja of Root Science

Root Science believes in the gifts provided by nature – those which start as a root and not in a test tube. The team, based in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to constantly researching the scientific backings of all their ingredients, but what excites them most is that many of the ingredients have been used for hundreds of years.

Root Science has created a line of gentle yet highly effective skin care products that use these ingredients in a very delicate and well-balanced way to both heal and protect your skin topically – a topical multivitamin for your skin, so to speak.

We had the chance to pick co founder Gigja’s brain in a lightening round about our 5 favorite topics, we hope you enjoy!


Simply put, it’s life changing. It’s not a story I often tell, but I lost my mother to brain cancer in 2001, which led me to discover the importance of living a healthy life, inside and out. In 2008 I began formulating natural skin care, because the market was desolate and performance-based products did not exist. So many people are led to clean beauty through challenging circumstances, whether it be their skin or health. Clean beauty is my way of giving back.



Finding moments whenever I can, even if it’s spending 2 minutes massaging my face as I exfoliate or steaming my face as I sip a cup of tea. But don’t get me wrong, I squeeze in serious skin care indulgences on the weekends, typically an hour on a sunday night right before I go to bed. I’m kind of a skin care junkie, not in the traditional sense, but more so in the at-home-spa treatment way. I have what some may call a “masking addiction”. But i’m ok with it, it’s par for the course..



Youth Serum. It’s my super star! It’s a multi-functional serum that does it all and works for almost all skin types and all seasons. I originally developed the formula for my late 20’s skin, when I needed to treat my hormonal breakouts and fine lines, but wanted only one product that would do both. Youth preservation and blemish control in one formula didn’t exist. So I made it. It’s our #1 bestseller and has been for many years now, so it’s safe to assume there are other women and men, like me, who desired the same..



​I take care of myself by eating healthy food (nutrient-rich foods) and exercising. It’s so simple, but it has such a profound effect on your skin, mood, confidence and overall health. It’s not about looking a certain way, it’s about feeling good on the inside.




Be authentic to yourself, your journey and tell that story. Don’t try to please everyone – don’t try to boil the ocean. I would also tell myself that it’s ok to ask for help. Don’t try to do it all yourself.