Flower & Gem Essences In Skincare Explained

Flower & Gem Essences In Skincare Explained

Our August/September Clean Beauty Box features two highly sensorial products from Pink Light Botanicals, the Crystal Facial Tonic and the Rose Petal Enzyme Masque. Not only do they contain highly effective botanical ingredients to improve skin health, they are infused with flower and gem essences.

So what does that actually mean? And how does it affect the product, your skin or your wellbeing?

We asked Amber Woods, founder of Pink Light Botanicals to demystify flower and gem essences and explain how they can elevate your daily skincare ritual.

“Flower and crystal/gem essences are generally made by preserving the energetic vibration of a given flower or stone by bathing it in water. That water is then preserved (usually with an alcohol) and used in homeopathic doses (small drops) that can be used internally or externally to shift a person’s emotional patterns and wellbeing. Each flower or gem has specific properties of healing. For example, the Rose Quartz, a popular stone, is known to be calming, softening, soothing, protective, and opening to the heart.  

When I formulate with flower and gem essences, I add these homeopathic doses to the products to add the energetic properties I would like to infuse into the formula. For example, I use an essence of Rhodochrosite (a pink stone) in the Self Love Spray. Rhodochrosite is the ultimate stone of self-love and encourages a positive outlook. That’s a cornerstone to this formula and its effectiveness. This ingredient is nearly invisible, but you can tell there’s a depth to this spray that surpasses a typical aromatherapy mist.  

I make the majority of these essences myself, and I use other methods when working with oil based products, but it’s the same idea of adding the energetic essence of a stone into a formula.  

In our Midnight Dew, we add the essence of Spectrolite, a stone that offers a fresh perspective and helps us to accept the aging process with grace. 

In our Crystal Facial Tonic and Clear Horizon Cleansing Oil, we add the essences of Gold and Diamond, which improve our self esteem and help us to act in alignment with our divine purpose. 

I believe that an important part of skin care is to shift your mindset and to love your skin— To create a practice of viewing yourself with loving self-perception. The energy of flowers and gems aid in the process, and help to create the most beautiful skin care ritual possible.”   

On that note, we are off to mask with the wild rose infused Rose Petal Enzyme Masque (welcome those self-loving thoughts while doing so!) followed by moisture with a good dose of self-esteem with the Crystal Facial Tonic 😉