You’ve been using dry shampoo the wrong way

You’ve been using dry shampoo the wrong way


Dry shampoo is just about the best beauty product ever invented. More sleep time, less shampoo time and less water usage. You’re basically saving the planet, getting more sleep and looking better in the process.

But, here’s the thing, you’ve been applying it the wrong way this whole time.

One Love Organics, Suzanne LeRoux and Days + Nights, Danielle Haun who have both been supplying us with the best dry shampoos we’ve been able to get our hands on, let us in on their #1 tip for your best 2nd (or 3rd) day hair.

One of the issues with dry shampoo is that if you don’t get it exactly right you’ve got to deal with excess powder on your scalp, which creates the effect of an 1770’s powdered wig. Not cute. Brushing it out can help, but if you’ve got curly hair then you risk ending up with frizz or flat curls.

So what’s the trick to getting it right?

Here’s the #1 tip: Apply it the night before.

Applying your dry shampoo the night before allows the powder to work into your hair and absorb excess oil while you sleep. It’s basically fool proof.

We suggest sprinkling dry shampoo in the palm of your hand, briefly rubbly palms together to distribute the powder and then flipping your head upside down to massage your scalp, paying attention to your hairline from your forehead down and around your ears. Get a good nights sleep and let the dry shampoo work it’s magic. Add a little touch up in the morning if needed. 

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