What sets Akar’s facial mist apart from the ...

What sets Akar’s facial mist apart from the rest?

What makes the Lush Balance Toning Mist different?

When choosing a mist, it is important to find one that is of the same pH as your skin. Our toning mist is comprised in a base of rose and neroli hydrosols, which not only contain precious botanical actives but also have natural pHs of 4.5, similar to your skin’s own pH. When your skin is healthy and intact, it is able to retain moisture and guard off the bad bacteria.

Vegan Stem Cells are a key ingredient in this formula. What exactly are vegan stem cells? What inspired this ingredient?

Saffron is a well-known, highly priced spice used in cooking and an integral part of the Tibetan culture. We decided to infuse our mist with saffron due to its many skin benefits, including an abundance of vitamins and the ability to brighten the skin. However, saffron’s stem cells in particular is what sets this mist apart.

Our skin is constantly renewed and repaired throughout our lives. It is able to do so with the help of our skin stem cells. However, as we age, our supply of stem cells lower as a result of environmental pollutants, sun damage and just overall decrease in their ability to regenerate. Although plant stem cells cannot regenerate our own stem cells, they are able to stimulate this regenerative activity in them and encourage cell repair.