Tips + Tricks // TWELVE Beauty Rewarding Body Balm

Tips + Tricks // TWELVE Beauty Rewarding Body Balm


When and how Pedro loves using the Rewarding Body Balm:

I love the fact that is a well balanced body balm to treat very dry skin. The feedback I keep getting from customers is amazing and it has helped long term patients in hospitals to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Some private clinics in London have continued using this balm with their patients.


Q + A with Pedro Catalá, Founder of TWELVE Beauty

“Having worked as a pharmacist for over a decade, this was the first product I ever created. With this rich, yet beautifully absorbed, body balm I wanted to correct chronic dry skin – skin that has been permanently dry, sore, tender and fragile for years. It works because the blend mimics the oils we have in our healthy skin, at the same concentrations. The feedback of this first product which was conceived originally for hospital use only, encouraged me to develop other products that also possessed optimal skin affinity – leading to what I have created today, within TWELVE beauty.”

What inspired the product/ingredients?
I wanted to offer something healing but powerfully natural, with this in mind I carefully sourced plant based oils that are identical to the oils we have in our skin. I aimed to mimic the lipidic part of the protective layer of our skin. I am not against most synthetic ingredients, however I believe that a well formulated natural product is way more effective than their synthetic counterpart.

How long has it been part of the line?
It was the first product I ever created, way before I launched TWELVE Beauty. The patients in the hospital where I trialed the Rewarding Body Balm encouraged me to develop more products, especially for the face. They were the ones who suggested the name of the balm too, they said that “it is an extraordinary reward to our stressed skin”.

What is the ingredient formulation process?
It is a very difficult product to prepare due to the high percentage of oils, this is why I use a blend of two natural emulsifiers. It contains squalane which is the natural answer to paraffin, also jojoba oil which is a liquid wax, and is similar to the waxes present on the skin. I wanted to achieve a rich touch but to be absorbed quickly.