Tips + Tricks // Live Botanical Seasonal Radiance ...

Tips + Tricks // Live Botanical Seasonal Radiance Elixir – Chamomile & Geranium


“The chamomile and geranium blend highlights delicate spring blooms. Focusing on the excitement of growth to come and the start of something new.”

– Carolyn McRory, Live Botanical founder

This exclusive pre-launch seasonal hydrosol is elevated by a base of Live Botanical’s custom blended Mushroom Complex that creates a flexible, breathable hydrating layer to draw in moisture and soothe stressed skin. Chamomile and geranium prepare skin for spring weather, helping to cool inflammation and increase hydration.


  • After cleansing, generously mist the face or spray into the palm and apply like a serum, pressing the elixir into the skin.
  • Mix with your favorite face oil or serum to create an emulsion that penetrates deeper into the skin.
  • Lightly mist after applying makeup to set your look and create a dewy finish.
  • Use in place of water when mixing Greenhouse Glow or other mixed masks to increase nutrient benefits.
  • Mist throughout a masking session (best with masks that tend to dry) to keep mask active and extend your masking session.
  • Mist throughout the day to refresh and revitalize skin.
  • PRO TIP! Mist to keep mask activated during your treatment to assist with nutrient absorption.

CUPUACU BUTTER deeply moisturizes with its ability to hold 400% of its weight in water and provides a skin-friendly barrier to prevent water loss

Nutrient-dense, cold-pressed CRANBERRYRASPBERRY and PUMPKIN SEED OILS provide vitamins of A & E, carotenoids and high linoleic fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and promote rejuvenation

PLANTAIN, BEE BALM and SELF-HEAL stimulate skin cell generation to firm the skin and reduce scars while strengthening the skin against UV and pollution damage

Maximum potency PUMPKIN SEED POWDER is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals to address inflammation

OATMEAL and SNOW MUSHROOM contain powerful polysaccharides for deep skin hydration which help deliver powerful compounds present in the mask