Tips + Tricks // LILFOX Aphrodite Rose Quartz Infu...

Tips + Tricks // LILFOX Aphrodite Rose Quartz Infused Rose Toning Mist

“A cooling and balancing toning mist for all skin types, especially for delicate or mature skin.”

– Alexis Rose, LILFOX founder


  1. Mist over face after cleansing followed by a cotton round to remove leftover traces of cleanser
  2. Mist both before applying a face oil/serum to help with penetration and afterwards to lock in moisture.
  3. ​Mist over face after applying makeup to help set your look and leave skin with a dewy finish.
  4. Mist all over body and hair to revitalize after a long day of work or travel.
  5. Mix Aphrodite Toning Mist with a tablespoon of Cleopatra (or your favorite dry mask) to create a velvety, mousse-like consistency.
  6. Mist throughout your masking session to keep mask active and extend your masking session.
  7. Mix with your favorite face oil or serum to create an emulsion that penetrates deeper into the skin.



ROSE DAMASCENA DISTILLATE balances and hydrates

ROSE QUARTZ opens the heart chakra to enhance love in all situations