Tips + Tricks // Black Locust Firming Concentrate

Tips + Tricks // Black Locust Firming Concentrate


“Black Locust is a product of contrasts: It contains extremely nutritious seed and fruit extracts and anti-acne ingredients in very specific ratios, for an overall effect of noncomedogenic nurturing.”

– Ava Zhan, Earthwise Beauty Founder

We’re here with pro tips from the founder so you can get the most out of this hydrating and rich, nourishing formula.

Scientifically studied bakuchiol extract acts as a natural retinol alternative, providing targeted phytonutrients for dry and mature skin. This is more than a temporary lift, expect long-term improvement to skin’s elasticity, firmness, and strength.


  • Add a few drops of the concentrate to your face moisturizer or aloe-based serum once or twice a day.
  • Dry skin types may massage a few drops directly into freshly cleansed, moist skin day or night.
  • PRO TIP 1: Take a few deep breaths to really take in the scent of Black Locust, intentionally formulated to achieve an energetic message supporting the state of mind and emotions of the man or woman who is beginning to see signs of aging in themselves.
  • PRO TIP 2: Black Locust is especially tailored for wrinkled, sagging skin with low elasticity that is sensitive, and dry to very dry, and is great for eczema and psoriasis. It’s also great for younger skin, particularly now in wintertime when we’re all in need of a little extra nourishment!

BAKUCHIOL – Extraction from the babchi herb seed recently received a lot of buzz among cosmetic chemists as a safe natural replacement for retinol. Bakuchiol 1% concentration (which is what is used in this product) has been shown to improve aging skin in several categories (wrinkles, roughness, dryness, uneven skin tone, lower elasticity, etc.), and to cause a significant (57%) improvement in acne in seven weeks. Unlike potentially-damaging retinol, however, bakuchiol does not cause side effects and it can be used for the daytime without the risk of photosensitization.

LUPINE SEED – In Ava’s tests of wrinkle-reversing plant ingredients, she was particularly impressed by the results from gentle, non-invasive extractions from white lupine seeds. Earthwise Beauty’s lupine extracts have been scientifically proven to improve wrinkles, skin firmness, skin elasticity, and sagging facial contour.

SEABUCKTHORN BERRY – Vitamin-E- and carotenoid-rich superfood for the skin. Earthwise Beauty uses two types of seabuckthorn extracts to balance the linoleic acids. Unrefined seabuckthorn extracts have been found to help improve eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin disorders.

CALENDULA – Normalizes the skin, helps with stubborn dryness, roughness, eczema, psoriasis, cold-sore outbreaks, and acne. Calendula adds significant skin-softening benefits and helps the skin recover an even tone.

ACAI BERRY – Very light oil, derived from whole a├žai berries, for superior acne-reducing and skin-soothing benefits.

KALAHARI MELON SEEN OIL – One of Ava’s favorites when formulating for dehydrated or dehydration-prone skin. Especially beneficial for acne-prone skin.