Tips + Tricks // Ambient Moisture Liquid

Tips + Tricks // Ambient Moisture Liquid

“This is a staple in my morning and evening routine. I’m often pretty busy and though I have access to so much skincare, I do best with minimal routines.”

– Carolyn McRory, Live Botanical Founder

We’re here with pro tips from the founder so you can get the most out of this multi-dimensional formula.

Hydrate, soothe, firm, and strengthen the lipid barrier function in one step. Whole aqueous infusions are created from local, fresh herbs and balanced with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and phospholipids to provide luminous, vibrant skin. The result is serum-like effects in the form of a lightweight moisturizer, each ingredient working together to impart vitality and a soft dewy canvas.


Prep the skin by cleansing (Carolyn uses cool water in the AM and Nourishing Cleansing Oil in the PM for a deeper cleanse). Sweep the skin with a cotton round that’s drenched in a facial mist or one of Live Botanical’s Hydramists.

Massage 1-4 pumps of the Ambient Moisture Liquid on your face and neck.

For combination and dry skin, finish with a layer of your favorite balm or oil to seal in all the hydration. Carolyn personally recommends the Sanctuary Barrier Balm!

PRO TIP 1: If you have extra time, incorporate a quick eye de-puffing massage. This lightweight formula and does well to plump fine lines. The aescin-rich horse chestnut extract is well known to help with puffiness while being soothing to the delicate eye area.

PRO TIP 2: Carolyn indulges with Ambient Moisture Liquid as a luxe hand lotion. “I work with my hands every day and am pretty hard on them. It absorbs quickly which makes getting back to tasks easier. I’ll pair it with our skin repair balm in the evenings when I’m just relaxing.”

GOTU KOLA pairs well with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and emollient herbs to keep skin fresh, healthy and hydrated.

BROADLEAF PLANTAIN is loved by herbalists for its skin supporting benefits. In daily skincare, it works to restore the skin from frequent environmental stress like UV rays and pollution.

HORSE CHESTNUT improves circulation to strengthen and heal connective tissue.

RED CLOVER works alongside soy extract and ceramides to help stimulate synthesis of hyaluronic acid and improve skin firmness.

SELF-HEAL supports photo-aged skin by restoring collagen and elasticity.

MARSHMALLOW, LINDEN FLOWER, ALOE, and HYALURONIC ACID help saturate the skin with moisture to soften and plump the appearance of lines.

PHYTOCERAMIDES are coupled with fatty acids and sterols to optimize skin strengthening functionality.

Lightweight, high linoleic acid fruit seed oils like STRAWBERRY, CRANBERRY, AND RASPBERRY prevent congestion and rejuvenate the skin with complex, protective antioxidants.

MANGO BUTTER softens the skin and reduces transdermal water loss for long term moisture.

RICE BRAN OIL is a natural source of ceramides, peptides, ferulic acid, CoQ10, vitamin A, in addition to a range of antioxidants such as tocopherol, tocotrienol, and oryzanol. Together they repair lipid barrier damage and protect the skin from free radicals.