Cultivating a Meaningful Self Love Practice –...

Cultivating a Meaningful Self Love Practice – by Erika Summers of Eco Summer Life

When I was asked to share my self-love practice I was thrilled. As a mother, wife, and friend I feel I’m always giving myself in some way or another. As much as I enjoy giving to others, I’ve learned the importance of giving back to myself. Carving out time to focus attention on my mind, body and spirituality. I wanted to share a few simple ways to fill your cup.

  1. Pick up a relaxing hobby that you do alone and quietly. This could be crocheting, beading, or my personal favorite: tending to my house plants. Plants bring me joy and relaxation. Watering, misting, repotting, talking to and reading about my plants helps me de-stress and feel connected to the energy of the earth. Quietly tending to a task independently and alone is the best way to let the mind free itself.
  2. Reading and learning about our psyche can be one of the most beneficial tools in our path to growing and healing ourselves. I recently discovered the Enneagram, a comprehensive personality typology that is unlike any you have ever encountered. Do yourself a favor and discover your type. You will begin on a journey into your mind that is exhilarating and at times a bit cringy, but I promise you will thank me. If you’re curious about my type, contact me and I’ll tell you.
  3. I know everyone these days will tell you to practice yoga. You’re probably tired of hearing that suggested. Instead I will suggest this: find body work that helps you feel connected to your mind and body. Personally, I find yoga to be the most beneficial for meditation, mind/body connection, and physical strength. The most challenging part is getting past your mind holding you back. Try it at home first, learn the basic poses, and practice in the morning. When you feel ready, try out a few different yoga studios and instructors. I really encourage you to seek different instructors because the person will have his/her own style, flow and energy that will definitely change your experience.
  4. Be kind to yourself and show gratitude. My newest exercise in self-improvement this year is a quick list of 5 aspects of my life I’m grateful for. You can write them down or make a mental list. When negative thoughts creep into my mind, I stop them and instead think about 5 wonderful things in my life. It’s amazing how quickly our outlook can change – make yours for the better and everyone around you will benefit.

I’m grateful for your time and attention. I know you’re busy and have lots to do. If you take nothing else but this: Be Kind To Yourself. You are enough, and you are strong. You deserve time to yourself and that is not selfish.