The Ultimate Guide to Bronzer

At one point in my life I was a suntan junky.

During my teens I would I lay out sans sunscreen on the beach every summer and I’d go to the tanning salon a few times a month in high school (I know, cringe). I knew it was bad, but unfortunately my frontal lobe wasn’t fully developed for long term decision making skills. I was basically abusing my skin for years and now I’ve got a few crows feet to show for it.

I still love a light golden bronze, but I love my skin even more and looking like a handbag is not one of my life goals. Enter bronzer, my #1 summertime beauty essential (after sunscreen of course).

It can be a little bit tricky to master, but once you do you’ll never look back. We’ve got you covered with 5 fail-safe steps for a creating a flawless glow.


Art of Organics Founder

We chose Hynt Beauty’s mineral bronzer for our May Clean Beauty Box because powders tend to be the easiest to apply and the most versatile. Hynt’s Solare Bronzer has just enough fine shimmer to create a healthy glow without creating a disco ball effect. Check it out here
o-CHRISSY-TEIGEN-570Step 1: Swirl a large, fluffy brush in the bronzing powder and tap it against the container to release the excess. We like to start by pouring a little bit into the lid and swirl the brush from there so we don’t start with an overloaded brush. (Note: bronzer is applied after foundation and concealer, but before blush)
Step 2: Lightly dust starting at your forehead and hairline where you are likely to have the most color naturally.

Step 3: Work your way in a “3” shape down your cheek bones and just below your jawline.

Step 4: Lightly sweep your brush with what’s left across the bridge of your nose.

Step 5: Blend is the key word here. Buff out any stubborn streaks with a clean brush and a bit of translucent powder. Make sure to blend your bronzer onto your neck and ears to avoid the “mask” effect. If you are wearing your hair up, make sure to blend thoroughly to the back of your neck.

Don’t forget your décolleté and shoulders during the summer to create an even, allover glow. For a dewy effect, mix a small amount of bronzer powder with moisturizer and apply to arms and legs.

KEY MISTAKES TO AVOID:Solare-Bronzer-HyntBeauty
  • Choosing a bronzer with too much sparkle. This can make your complexion look greasy and large particles of glitter just make you look like a pre-teen.
  • Applying bronzer all over your face. All over bronzer can make you look flat, give the appearance of a muddy complexion and emphasize an uneven skin texture.
  • Going too dark. Trying to achieve Chrissy Teigen level bronze when your skin tone is closer to Zooey Deschanel isn’t your best bet. Aim for a healthy glow within a few shades of your natural skin tone and use a light hand to apply.
  • Choosing the wrong brush. A dense brush, like a Kabuki brush, can apply too much color at once which can cause streaks. Instead, choose a soft, fluffy brush for light coverage and even distribution.
  • Using only bronzer. A natural suntan usually results in a slightly flushed cheek. Finish creating your healthy glow with a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks.