Potentci Ingredient Intel: Why ceramides are BAE

Potentci Ingredient Intel: Why ceramides are BAE

Let’s talk ceramides! What are they? Why are they all the buzz in skincare? And which ones can you find in moss Skincare’s Potentci?

In a nutshell, ceramides are everything.

A vital part of our skin barrier, these fat molecules (which can be found in high concentrations in the uppermost layer of your skin) help keep skin moisturized, soft, plump and well, happy.

They help protect us from environmental aggressors like pollution and seasonal changes which otherwise can play havoc on your complexion. The catch? We make less of these amazing lipids as we age, but there’s something you can do about it.

If you’re looking to heal a compromised skin barrier (dehydration, dullness, irritation etc) then you definitely want to use products that contain ceramides. Where we live, how we eat, how much stress we’re feeling all play a contributing factor to how our skin feels and ages. Ceramides act like little miracle workers to help bring things into balance.

So which ceramides can you find in moss skincare’s Potentci?

Ceramide NP (aka ceramide 3)
Ceramide AP (aka ceramide 6)
Ceramide EOP (aka ceramide 9)

These ceramides are all vegetable/microbial derived with a synthetic cholesterol component. What these do is help restore your skin barrier to its happy place by helping to prevent dehydration, calm irritation and keep environmental nasties out. With continued use your skin will feel plumper, less sensitized, softer and smoother – total win-win!

But wait, there’s more

The magic of moss Skincare’s Potentci is that it doesn’t end with ceramides – it also contains something called phytosphingosine. This is a precursor to ceramides, meaning it makes your skin produce MORE ceramides! Seriously. This funny sounding ingredient also helps reduce redness, calms inflamed skin and is effective at reducing the signs of acne. It’s also shown excellent clinical results in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity (source).

By incorporating Potentci into your existing skincare routine you are giving your skin the perfect protection and proactive help it needs to stay in happy equilibrium. This means soft, hydrated, calm skin.