How to deal with a melted beauty balm

Dealing with a melted BODHI Balm?

Because this formula contains raw, unrefined Shea Butter it’s possible that the balm can become grainy if it partially melts. This does not affect the product’s quality or efficacy and can still be used as is, but some prefer a smoother texture.

  • Place the jar in an air-tight bag, place the bag into a bowl of hot water (until the balm is completely melted – approx 2 – 4 minutes)
  • Remove the balm from the bag/bowl and put it in the fridge upright for 1- 2 hours until it solidifies.

This quick remedy will restore your balm back to it’s original texture. If your balm melts again we suggest just storing in the refrigerator on a regular basis to keep it solid.