Gift Guide Series with Gurl Gone Green

Gift Guide Series with Gurl Gone Green

“I love getting family and friends gifts that they may not know about but would really love. I know, sounds like a tall order but once you know what someone likes it’s easier to see what they might be attracted to in other things. I also like to adhere to a less is more approach. I would rather get someone just one very special gift than several ho hum gifts.

Giving gifts to anyone is fun but I especially love giving to my sisters and mom. I have three sisters and it’s always fun picking out just the right gift for each of them. Especially since each one is so different.”

Suzi’s Gift Guide



For my oldest sister – I love giving anything indulgent and luxurious. She’s all about frills and self care. I would get her the Osmia Body Mousse. So luxurious and a serious treat!

Osmia Body Mousse // $42





For my middle sister – I would get her the Agent Nateur Holi Rose Deodorant. She’s a practical kind of gal and this deodorant not only fits the bill but is one of green beauty’s best deodorants.

Agent Nateur holi (rose) N°4 deodorant // $24




For my youngest sister – I would get her Hubalou Hair Wrap Towel. She has the most gorgeous/thick hair and this would help minimize drying time, and minimize breakage. A win/win!

Hubalou Hair Towel // $24