Founder Five with Indie Lee

After surviving a successful brain surgery, Indie Lee embarked upon a new journey, Indie Lee skincare – a clean beauty line dedicated to educating and empowering others to live their healthiest life.

Today, Indie Lee sources the world’s finest ingredients from nature and marries them with technology available in personal care today. The result is high-performance products created with ethical choices and without sacrificing safety. Committed to creating change and building a like-minded community, Indie Lee is grounded in nature, supported through science and inspired by life.

Chatting with Indie Lee, Founder of Indie Lee

Why Clean Beauty?

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that doctors felt could be environmentally derived, attributed to something as simple as my skincare. This was my awakening. I decided that if I survived surgery (which I so fortunately did), I would make it my mission to educate and empower others about the importance of what they put on their skin as well as into their body. So, I set out to inspire people to live their healthiest lives. Our clean products serve to underline this mission.

Self Care: An indulgent weekly ritual or finding moments whenever you can?

My skincare ritual is a must every morning and night. Meditation is also huge for me. I meditate twice daily for twenty minutes. It’s always grounded me and I feel the effects if I don’t stick with it.

I also religiously practice my Self Care Sundays. I always take Sundays for myself – I mask, take a relaxing bath, and clean my makeup brushes. They seem like small acts, but they help ground me for my week ahead. Plus, who doesn’t love a little self care?

What’s your “deserted island” product you could never live without?

It is such a hard question for me! It’s like picking a favorite child. However, I love our I-Recover Mind & Body Gel. It’s one of two products that signify our entry into wellness, as well as my personal recovery story from brain surgery – mind, body, and soul. This gel is a wellness game changer. It’s packed with Arnica, Black Pepper, Lavender, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, and Menthol. It provides an amazing warm-cool sensation, making it great for everything from sore and achy muscles to aromatherapeutic uses. For me personally, it’s also provided a ton of comfort when I experience a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up. I was actually diagnosed with R.A. six months before the brain tumor (which I don’t think is a coincidence). The thermogenic properties of the Mind + Body Gel are so soothing and really help ease the discomfort.

I would also have to add our CoQ-10 Toner. It is just incredibly refreshing and effective and I love that it can be used as a traditional toner, or as a hydrating mist throughout the day, which would definitely be useful on a deserted island!

I feel most beautiful when…

I am eating and practicing an overall healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that beauty is an inside job, so healthy eating (fruits, veggies, etc.) and gut health is very important, especially for your skin.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you would tell your past self just getting started? 

To always believe in myself and what I was creating. There will be ups and downs, but don’t let a few closed doors derail you from following your dreams. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of late nights and long hours, but again if you love what you do, those times evolve from difficult moments into rewarding lessons. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Knowing what you don’t know and asking others to help can be a superpower.

 What’s on the horizon?We just launched our new Restorative Eye Cream last month, which is absolutely amazing. It’s formulated for immediate results, targeting the visible signs of aging. As for the rest of 2021, you will see a few more new products throughout the year and will continue to challenge ourselves to push the envelope of clean technology – stay tuned!