Founder 5 with Mia Fiona Kut of Luna Nectar

Founder 5 with Mia Fiona Kut of Luna Nectar

Luna Nectar is founded on the principle of an unfussy, un-elitist, back-to-the-roots lifestyle while maintaining quality and authenticity. Founder, Mia Fiona Kut, believes that well-being and beauty don’t have to be taken so seriously and loves uncomplicated, powerful rituals. Through her brand she strives to empower appreciation of inner beauty and strength, while providing natural solutions to enhance and radiate. Her focus on holistic health has made a huge difference not only in appearance, but in spirit. This is the way she wants all women to feel – that they can take control of their own well-being and feel confident by nourishing themselves with natural products.

We had the chance to pick co founder Mia’s brain in a lightening round about our 5 favorite topics, we hope you enjoy!


This is odd to say, but I was born obsessed with clean food and preventative beauty routines – when other kids would reach for Coke and candy, I was dedicated to my glass of water and tofu. I remember slathering serums on my face every night when I was 13 years old. At the time, I had severe eczema as well, so I was finding any way I could to heal my skin naturally. My parents are both half-Chinese and their relationship with Eastern herbal medicine influenced me greatly as well – instead of going to the doctor, they would recommend going to a herbalist or acupuncturist.



I think self care really stems from the inside for me, and I reduce stress by being in a different world. Whenever I have a chance, I love to read and write stories, and let my mind wander, preferably in nature – it’s really relaxing for me. My other vocation is screenwriting, acting, and filmmaking, so it only makes sense!




Lip balm – I need moisturized lips!


I’m sweaty from exercise and my mind is snapping quicker than usual – my favourite exercise is soccer, volleyball, ballet, and yoga.




Good vibes, have a solid plan but know when to let go, don’t rush, and trust your gut – whether it’s a working relationship or business deal, your body knows. Also, find balance. Your body and mind can’t go on without it.