Founder 5 with Janis Kristjanson of Hannes Dottir

Founder 5 with Janis Kristjanson of Hannes Dottir

California-based skincare line, Hannes Dóttir [’daughter’] is founded on a vision of Icelandic ancestry and formulated around nutrient-dense Icelandic sea kelp. Hannes Dóttir’s whimsical brand story began when founder Janis Kristjanson received a visionary list of ingredients from her Icelandic father, Hannes Arthur, while meditating in the twilight before sleep. After careful research and tedious formulation, Janis created what is now known as Seamasque. The Seamasque and each product in the line boasts minerals that are vital to skin and life. Formulated without synthetic ingredients, each product is packed with micronutrients from unique sources. All ingredients are edible and vital to proper cell function.

We had the chance to pick founder Janis’ brain in a lightening round about our 5 favorite topics, we hope you enjoy!



The fact that skin is the largest organ in our body makes clean beauty absolutely essential. What we put on our skin is in every organ of our body in 90 seconds, hence my formulas being actually edible as they hydrate and beautify.




An indulgent weekly event or finding moments whenever you can?
Treating myself to my Seamasque followed by my Marine Collagen Lift and finishing with my Elixir Eye Extreme, Mineral Mist and Elixir of Minerals is like experiencing the finest spa in the world without leaving the house! Heavenly!




My Elixir of Minerals is the deserted island product I could never live without. The level of hydration from a single drop last 24 hours even on an airplane or in the desert. On the other hand my Mineral Mist doubles the glow and provides a full spectrum of essential, beautifying minerals….and the Seamasque activates regeneration and basically resurfaces the skin while feeding it ‘youthening’ nutrition….hmmmm…

I can’t even imagine my skin if I didn’t have them all!



I feel most beautiful when I am laughing with friends and family. Fortunately laugh lines don’t stand a chance since my formulas do the heavy lifting!





Being an entrepreneur is a challenge for sure, particularly when dropping a lucrative career in another field to pursue a dream. In my case, the dream was real! One night just before falling asleep, I had a vision of a list of ingredients presented to me as if in a dream. I wrote them down, and after a year of experimenting, had a formula that turned back time. When given a gift like that, it was my job to bring the formula forward no matter what the challenges. All of my formulas have been gifted to me and I am eternally grateful to have taken the chance I did no matter who thought I was nuts! One of my favorite sayings is “Man who says it cannot be done needs to get out of the way of the woman doing it”! Going for it is never a mistake. Wishing you had, and living with regret is worse. I love to say “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” followed immediately by “don’t tell me!”