Face Mists + Toners / Decoded

Face mists and toners are without a doubt the bread and butter of skin care. These multi-tasking essentials assist with the absorption of nutrients and help other products in your ritual become more effective.

But with so many options how do you choose?

We’ve broken out our favorite mists by focus so you can choose the best for your skin needs. Easy peasy.


Laurel Skin California Rose Hydrosol / $56
Rare style of distillation creates a more moisturizing rose hydrosol.
Single-farmed and artisan-distilled California rose hydrosol with exceptional quality and potency. Unlike almost all available rose hydrosols the essential oil has not been removed during distillation for a more moisturizing face mist.

Honua Hawaiian Beauty Water / $24
Exfoliating glow potion, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.
A liquid exfoliant that can be used 1-5 times per week to gently exfoliate all skin types for a luminous complexion, tighter looking pores and a fresh face, Papaya enzymes, hibiscus and ko (Hawaiian sugar) work together to gently exfoliate skin, revealing a healthy glow.


Live Botanical Fresh Complexion Clarifying Elixir / $38

Revives lackluster oily skin + helps control stubborn breakouts.
A balance of warming and cooling herbs that modulate inflammation by increasing circulation to improve speed of breakout recovery. These, coupled with emollient roots and aloe, soothe the skin and maintain hydration without increasing oil production.

Dafna’s Skincare Active Mist / $45

Innovative mist brightens + leaves a fresh dewy finish.
An innovative, active facial mist and toner that combines plant essences and oil concentrations by a pioneer formula – MelaCareTM (dry oil) to actively restore skin natural tone, fight photo-aging signs, while proving hydration, glow and sense of freshness.


Graydon Skincare Face Food Mineral Mist / $46

Protects against free radicals + oxidative stress with essential minerals.
Creates a weightless, protective barrier against free radicals and environmental pollution. Malachite helps to detoxify, protect and increase collagen. Silver’s antimicrobial qualities help keep skin clean while zinc and magnesium balance the complexion.

Earthwise Beauty Cistus + Moonlight Face Mist / $48

Mild + nurturing mist promotes skin firmness.
Multifaceted, refreshing mist features wild Portugese Cistus ladanifer, known for promoting skin firmness, minimizing pores and acting as a natural antibacterial. Cold-press organic aloe juice added for skin reparative and cooling properties.balance the complexion.

LILFOX Bitter Orange Neroli Toning Mist / $45

Gently astringent mist
heals + soothes.
100% organic, pure neroli hydrosol hydrates, brightens and soothes inflamed, irritated skin while combating signs of aging. Made from artisan distillers in Tunisia, neroli blossoms are harvested by hand then distilled fresh within hours. Rich with skin healing nutrients and minerals.