Behind the Brand with Annee de Mamiel

While going though chemotherapy/radiation treatment, founder of de Mamiel, Annee de Mamiel discovered her regular skin care products were severely drying out her skin. When she couldn’t find products that met her needs Annee set out to create something that would deeply nourish her skin and provide comfort, both physically and mentally. Through this life changing experience the deeply beautiful cult UK line de Mamiel was born.

“As an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist, I believe skincare is far more than a superficial treatment. It’s a chance to shift one’s energy; to not only renew the skin, but to rejuvenate the self too. It’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of a busy day. A chance to stop, sigh, touch your skin and reconnect with what’s going on in your head.” – Annee de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel

seasonal_oil_2048x2048Can you describe your journey to clean beauty? How did your diagnosis affect your view on the skin-care industry and inspire you to create your own line?
I think I have had quite an unusual route to Clean Beauty in that I never really chose it, it chose me! The effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on my skin were indescribable and the only relief was making something that was clean and pure. This and acupuncture were the two things that helped me through that difficult time. I had already studied Anatomy and Physiology at University but my experience with acupuncture led me to study Chinese Medicine and the Aromatherapy. I combined the knowledge of all these disciplines to develop my treatments and gradually developed the products over time working with patients and seeing the most effective ingredients.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that our readers have been through or know someone going through treatment for cancer. What would be your #1 piece of advice for soothing and helping very sensitive skin during this time? Be gentle with yourself. Simplicity is the best, pair right back and don’t try too many new things that are full of promise.

Where do you find inspiration for your products? Does your background in Chinese Medicine influence your formulations? Do you find yourself drawn to specific ingredients?
I am firstly inspired by my patients and what they need, my formulations and creations come from the treatment room and are deeply rooted in Chinese Medicine and from my bespoke creations. I am so lucky to be able to continue to refine them on so many people and see results I want before we release them. So being able to use my knowledge of Western Science, Traditional Chinese medicine and Aromatherapy with clinical experience research drives me to create new products and really look at what is needed in a true 360 perspective.

I meditate a lot on ingredients and products as well to ensure they are right energetically. This is how we work to create the Flower essences which goes into each range.

Cleansing-Balm_1250x2048_2048x2048What is your most beloved product by you/your customers?
Mmmm… tricky one for me as skin is constantly changing and evolving as we move through the seasons, our hormones, the impact of daily stressors – the way we are coping with stressors, what we are eating – how we eat and when we eat – so it comes down to what I need now. I think if I had to pick a desert island product it would be the cleansing balm – it is such a beautiful multi tasking product and in a moments inhalation it takes me to another place! We have such incredible feedback with the seasonal oils – designed to feed and energize the skin on that emotional, physical and cellular level at this moment at time and once people start using them they eagerly await the next one!

What makes you most excited about clean beauty and this industry?
I really feel that more people are wanting to listen to what we are saying the industry is growing so quickly – which is exciting as we can make a real difference! There has been so many advances in clean technology which has allowed us to access more natural actives and we can extract ingredients more efficiently and sustainably, looking after mother earth. The research that is also going into natural skincare allows us to formulate results driven products which deliver and that is beyond exciting!

What does your personal beauty routine look like? Do you have a “deserted island” product you could never live without?
Beauty comes from within, it is something we have heard so often but this is at the core of what I do, in that everything we put in our bodies, the way we deal with stress all impact on our beauty. So my routine would begin with things like a warm water and lemon first thing and then a practice of morning pages and meditation and some yoga – I am a early bird!!! This doesn’t tend to change!

At the moment it is very much Winter here in the UK so it a lot about feeding and protecting the skin from the harsh elements and the constant change of wind, cold and internal heat.

dewy-facial-mist_1250x2048_2048x2048Morning –  Pure Calm Cleansing Dew –  After a few deep inhalations I like massage this into my skin and leave it on for a few minutes while I fuss about cleaning my teeth and things like that, twice a week I will add some Cleanse and exfoliate then jump in the shower to wash it off.

I spray The Dewy Facial Mist and, as its been particularly freezing, pat in 1 drop of Winter oil sealing in the moisture. I then add the Antioxidant elixir to feed and protect my skin before adding the Daily Hydrating Nectar with SPF 30, although it’s winter there are still UVA rays and this is my protection against smog and pollution. Pop on some lip balm and off I go to the Farm!

Altitude oil lives in my pocket, and I constantly pull it out and dab and smell during the day – it calms me and just settles me as well as keeping my immune system healthy!

Evening –  I spend some more time in the evening breathing, cleansing and massaging as I really believe facial massage is the one tool that makes such a visible difference while the breathing rituals allow us to let go of the day’s stress.

First Cleanse is with the pure Calm Cleansing dew – to take off the grime of the day, pollution particles and begins the connection with self.

Restorative Cleansing Balm – I begin with inhalations and the start to my facial massage – this not only feeds and energizes the skin and allows you to move the lymph that is stuck and get rid of the puffiness. I allow as much time as I can for this!

I then the mist and use the Antioxidant Elixir. I once again inhale then add the Winter oil allow myself to feel the changes the aroma creates within, and either use my rose quartz gua sha or massage again into my skin.

Sprinkle some drops of Altitude oil on my pillow and off to sleep I go!

Being an entrepreneur is no easy path, how do you manage to stay balanced through all the twists and turns?Remember to breathe is my mantra! Routine is important as it can be because there is nothing about being a Founder that is regular – the days are always varied and challenging, so balance is essential. Eating, Moving, Nourishing – meditation, acupuncture and yoga are the things that I immediately notice are missing if I haven’t been looking after myself.

I try and stay balanced through the way that I eat and cook, being outside preferably on the water and my mediation.

Do you have any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?
Be patient but just do it! Believe in what you are doing, if it comes from the heart it is right.

Can you share any hints or sneak peeks of new de Mamiel to come?
Full of exciting goodies – I have just had a new lab built at the farm so I need to get in there and finish them off. Watch this space…

de Mamiel’s newly released Dewy Facial Mist was featured in our February Clean Beauty Box, RADIANT. Check it out HERE.