7 Steps to Healthy Spring Skin

Spring means sunshine, warmer temps and finally un-peeling all the layers you’ve been bundled in for the last 4 months. This also means baring skin after the cold-weather season, a notoriously harsh time for our body’s biggest organ. From extremely dry skin to dull complexions due to the lack of natural cell renewal, winter is rough. Which is why it’s so important to take the time to invest in a skin care routine that will revitalize and prep your skin for the warmer months ahead.

Here are 7 steps to care for your skin as we move into Spring:

  • Avoid hot water – This is a major buzzkill when (despite it actually being spring) the weather is still quite chilly, but hot water will literally strip natural (and healthy!) oils from your skin. No thanks! Go lukewarm as much as possible, especially when washing your face.
  • Moisturize ASAP – When you moisturize skin that’s still damp you’re trapping the moisture on the surface of your skin allowing it to sink in rather than evaporate, plus your moisturizer spreads a lot more easily on damp or wet skin so this is the perfect time to apply something hydrating. Whether it’s lotion or a body oil, leave your skin at least slightly damp then get to moisturizing STAT. When moisturizing your face be sure to spritz with a facial mist before applying moisturizer (we love this one which helps balance skin pH from acidic tap water).
  • Exfoliate – Depending on your skin and recs from your dermatologist, it’s usually important to exfoliate a few times a week. We tend to have more dead cells in the winter, so even if you’ve moisturizing like a champ, these cells may be blocking a lot of the product and causing dull skin (which no one wants to expose). We love this gentle exfoliator for faces and Prim Botanicals Debauchery Detox Scrub for body (featured in April’s Clean Beauty Box). Don’t forget your lips! We love using Henne’s Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator. There’s nothing worse than flaky lips, so a quick massage with this game-changing polish and you’re ready for smooches—and the boldest lipstick out there.
  • Eat your water – Obviously drinking enough H20 is a must, but snacking on water-dense foods will up your water intake—which helps with maintaining a glow. Cucumbers, celery, and apples are all hydrating rockstars.
  • Humidify – This step is beyond helpful and practical. The humidity hasn’t quite crept up to optimal levels in early spring so keep the air moist with a humidifier. It’s also smart to bring a travel-sized humidifier when you’re on-the-go because we all know how dry hotel air can be regardless of the season.
  • Skip products with allergens – Using products with fragrances or anything toxic can be especially troublesome when your skin is most dry and sensitive. Check labels to ensure that you’re not applying anything that will irritate your skin, and definitely avoid synthetic perfumes.
  • Layer properly – Your complexion needs extra love as you emerge from winter, and one way to provide that is by layering products correctly. As often as possible, perfect your routine with this order:

What’s your favorite spring skin care routine?