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Each month we assemble a themed collection of today’s best organic & natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free goods, and deliver them direct to your door.

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Women use an average of 12 products a day which contain an estimated 168 chemicals, many of which have been proven toxic. At Art of Organics we work exclusively with brands committed to using safe, high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

Our belief is that beauty should not sacrifice health. Our mission is to connect people with the cleanest, most effective and luxe beauty products in existence.


About The Clean Beauty Box

Give yourself (or a loved one) a luxurious, healthy gift each month

Thoughtful Curation

Informational cards

2. Discover New Products Each Month

Each box is available in limited

3. Luxurious Gifts

4. Exclusive Pricing



Perks on Perks on Perks

Find a product you absolutely can’t live without? Good news. On top of the discounted price of boxes, subscribers also receive % off purchases through our store.

# How To Get Your Box & Join The Club

Not only are our boxes a luxurious gift, the products you’ll discover inside are also less expensive than what you’d pay retail. Because we buy in bulk and showcase our manfucturers, we’re able to secure the best possible price on goods, and pass the savings along to you.

Each boxes retail value will exceed $85. To purchase an individual box it’s $68.

A subscription costs just $58 per month.