Get the most out of Herbivore’s SEA MIST

Get the most out of Herbivore’s SEA MIST

“Since we formulate our Sea Mist with an Aloe Water base, it’s not only enlivening to lackluster locks, but also hydrating to both your hair and skin.” – Julia + Alex, Herbivore co-founders

Don’t hesitate to make this a multi-use mist for your hair, face, and body. While the aloe quenches thirsty skin, the sea salt will be naturally cleansing and detoxifying for skin. Plus you’ll be left smelling sweetly of fresh coconuts and tropical paradise.

For Hair: Mist onto damp hair for waves and beachy texture or onto dry hair for volume and undone cool-girl texture. Avoid brushing your hair, instead use your fingers to style and separate waves

For Body: Spritz on any time your skin needs refreshing or just spray into the air in the room around you to liven and freshen things up.