Art is in everything that we do. It is in the way we adorn ourselves, our environments and the way we love.
It inspires and creates a desire for something more.

Our belief is that beauty should not sacrifice health.
Our mission is to connect people with the cleanest, most effective and luxe beauty products in existence.

The creation of Art of Organics has been a long-time personal project. A product junkie since birth, I’ve always been drawn to beautiful packaging and claims of efficacy. After suffering from allergies and skin sensitivity for years using traditional beauty products I started to research the ingredients and was shocked by my discoveries.

What started as a mission to transition my own makeup bag from chemical filled products to healthier, safer options has become a lifestyle and desire to create awareness. Our recently launched blog “Art of Organics” shares honest product reviews, lists of toxic ingredients to avoid, and sheds light on today’s beauty industry.

The Clean Beauty Box is a “love letter” to the importance of the self-care ritual. With a career history as a buyer and merchandiser, elegant design and aesthetic are a natural influence in the creation of each box. Each organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free product is carefully chosen with the intent to create a meaningful experience with every luxe detail.

Claire Molyneaux