Lymphatic Massage for tired + puffy eyes

Lymphatic Massage for tired + puffy eyes

Scrolled through Instagram until 2am? Sporting large tote bags under your eyes?

We love Root Science’s lymphatic eye massage technique to work an eye serum deep into your skin, while simultaneously stimulating healthy skin function.


1. Moves excess fluid out of tissue, reducing puffiness.
2. Increases circulation for a brighter appearance.
3. Enhances penetration of Bright serum.


1. Apply serum to eye area as instructed above.

2. Starting above the tear duct, Using the pads of the ring fingers, very gentle apply light pressure and sweep up and outward, gliding under the eyebrow line towards the temples. Intermittently stop along the eyebrow line and hold light pressure for a few seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

3. Again, starting below the tear ducts, using the pads of the ring fingers, gently sweep under the eyes and up towards the temples, without pulling the skin. Repeat 3-5 times.

4. Finish with very light patting using the pads of the index, middle and ring fingers under the eyes and upper cheeks, gently tickling the skin.

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